Mark Metzler

Co-owner and Co-founder of Your Cab Company, LLC.

I moved to Bellingham 2 ½ years ago from Colorado for a change of scenery and to again live near the ocean. While in Colorado, I drove cabs, shuttles, and trucks. My horse and I are members of the local chapter of Back Country Horseman of America and enjoy participating in trail steward activities. I also enjoy photography and fishing. See you on the road!

Andy Metzler

Co-owner and Co-founder of Your Cab Company, LLC.

I moved to Bellingham in 2001 to attend WWU and chase pow lines in the Mt. Baker back country. Over the past 15 year Bellingham has become home to me and I’ve dedicated myself to local small business. For the past decade I have been the operations manager of one of the last sprout farms left in the NW. I have delivered pizza, produce, and people. In my free time I enjoy sailing in the islands, fishing, skiing, dirt biking, and mixing/producing EDM.


People mover extraordinaire

By far the prettiest of the your cab crew, I have been delivering people, Chinese food, pizza, and babies safely to their destinations for the last 9 years. My interests include swimming, fishing, boating, knife throwing, leather tooling, and beach-combing. As a Bellingham native I am an excellent big brother when you need one.


People mover extraordinaire!

Chaz our refugee from Kauai, Hawaii, He needed to be around more people so he moved to the main land. Chaz appreciates his new community of Bellingham and the surrounding area. He also likes being on the same side of the pond as his daughter, and some dear friends. Loves the excitment of meeting new folk at his job. Misses body surfing, but doesn’t look foward to getting into the frigid water here in the Great Pacific Northwest, unless it’s heated. Passionate about music, has guitar, likes to travel.


People mover extraordinaire!

With 6 years of getting it done on the streets of Bham, Obi is the ODB of Your Cab Co. Always keeping it classy in the what comes next. An east coast ex­pat with left coast tendencies. When you ask yourself, who do I want knowing where I live? I’m your boy.

Oliver Noble Alexander II

People mover extraordinaire!

Lived and worked in Bellingham and Whatcom county fort he past 20 years, I love it up here. Hobbies include Archery, Metal (The Heavy Sorts), PC gaming, Camping, Hunting, and getting you safely where every you need to go!!! please let us know if there any thing we can do for you… ask for Oliver 🙂

Toby Metzler


Toby has worked in the restaurant industry for close to fifteen years, and loves the fast pace a fun weekend of calls throws her way. if it ever snows again, she loves to snowboard, and is known for her “surfer” stance. She is going to college and has a goal of owning her own preschool one day.



Mike grew up in the Seattle area, but has lived in Bellingham for 10 years. I like coffee a lot and opened my own coffee shop on August 1st 2015 after working as a partial owner in another coffee shop for 6 and a half years. Facebook page: I enjoy road bikes, Restoring classic 3 wheelers, sports shooting/gunsmithing as well as brewing beer and ciders, But enjoy nothing more than watching my business grow.


People mover extraordinaire!

Aloha. My name is Dylan. I was born in Minnesota, and relocated to Washington in 1996. I’ve called Bellingham home since 2001.

I studied Geology at Western Washington University.

When I’m not driving taxi, I spend my free time exploring the peaks, creeks, and rivers in the American West.


People mover extraordinaire!

I grew up in Ferndale, WA and I’m a lifetime resident of Whatcom County. Over the years I have enjoyed hunting, fishing, camping, and riding horses in the Pacific Northwest. I am a Cold war veteran and served in the US Army in the mid seventies. I have drove taxi cab in Whatcom County over 30 years ago. Oh my, how things have changed! Currently I am in my 5th year of driving taxi here in Bellingham. And thuroughly love it. 99% of the time you will find my service dog Mae at my side. I willl do my best to give you courteous, safe. And prompt service each and every ride. I look forward to meeting you soon!


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